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At McCreade we eager to build long-term relationships with our team members in a nurturing work environment.


Services | IT Services

At McCreade we have a passion for delivering innovative solutions for your business, developing world-class IT solutions and services and ensuring that the solutions are delivered quickly. They are customized, built and operated according to the requirements of our individual clients.
McCreade’s onsite, onshore, and offshore business model offers clients:

  • Years of unparalleled experience and capacity to execute fast
  • Transparent business solutions with world-class capabilities and performance
  • Multi-platform expertise with an excellent track record for implementing Information Technology solutions
  • Profitable rapid return on investment
  • Reduced risks associated with integrating systems
  • Strategic cost advantage that provides immediate business results

Our Technical Consulting services include:

  • Software Application Development
  • Packaged ERP implementation
  • Database Administration
  • Systems Administration
  • Quality Assurance
  • Software Testing

Application Development and Maintenance

Our mature software development processes cover the entire Software Development Life Cycle. At McCreade, we develop new applications, enhance existing ones and combine the advantages of onsite, onshore, and offshore businesses to deliver the right results every time. Our collaborative business process allows us and our clients to learn from one another and build better solutions together.

We are committed to help organizations focus on their core business functions, reduce their business costs and improve business strategies.
We offer:

  • Skilled workforce experienced in diverse technologies
  • 24 * 7 support
  • Optimal blend of onsite, offsite, and offshore resources
  • Proven delivery capabilities
  • Flexible delivery model
  • Quality oriented and result oriented deliveries