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Business Development, Marketing and Proposal Writing Services

The benefits of having McCreade on your business development team includes:

  • Unmatched knowledge and understanding of the market
  • Highly effective prospecting and lead generation process
  • Proven ability to work with cross-functional teams
  • Strategic and consultative selling proficiency
  • Effective executive official-level presentation skills
  • Experts in local government procurement processes
  • Proposal/technical writing expertise
  • Assistance with proposal follow-up items and
  • Request for proposal and contract risk assessments

As your business development partner, McCreade can fuel your expansion into the market by delivering your value proposition to the decision markers, utilizing our proven sales process, deploying our experience, and utilizing our network to deliver revenue. We will lower your cost of doing business while maximize your sales and growth opportunities.

Following is a list of services we provide for our customers:

Business Development

  • New service development
  • Generating new customers and clients
  • New Business Relationship Management
  • Improving current processes, methodologies and strategies

Marketing & Strategy Services

  • Developing an Integrated Marketing Communication Plan including:
    • Developing messages for direct mail and e-marketing campaigns
    • Creating and maintaining prospect databases
    • Implementing direct mail and e-marketing campaigns
    • Developing consultative selling strategies
    • Providing guidance and feedback on cost effective tradeshows, publications, etc.
  • Marketing strategy consulting includes vision and mission development
  • Market segmentation and targeting
  • Positioning – as a part of marketing strategy consulting
  • Marketing strategy consulting

Proposal Production Services:

  • Providing guidance in navigating the government solicitation process
    • Reviewing RFP/RFBs and providing feedback for scope of service responses
    • Analyzing RFPs and developing clarification questions
    • Critiquing proposals and presentations
  • Providing new product/service development feedback
  • Providing technical/proposal writing assistance